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LC-A+ Elite Kit

LC-A+ Elite Kit

The LC-A+ Elite Kit takes you one step closer to shots you've always dreamed of taking! Experiment with different accessories.

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LC-A+ Elite Kit

Unlimited Possibilities: The Lomo LC-A+ is a camera prime for experimentation. Get to know the different dimensions of this automatic analogue gem with the LC-A+ Elite Kit. Packed with several accessories for you to play with, this bundle opens many doors for creative explorations.

Compact Classic: The Lomo LC-A+ is loved by many because it delivers some of the most breathtaking shots on 35mm film. Equipped with a Minitar 1 lens, it delivers stunning colors, contrast, saturation and vignettes. Other features include an extended ISO range and multiple exposure capabilities. Whether you choose the classic Lomo LC-A+ or any of its limited edition incarnations, this handy camera deserves a place in your analogue collection.

Make It Glow: Attach a flash to your favorite camera and expect perfectly illuminated shots. Explore different effects with the Colorsplash Flash, Diana F+ Flash, Ringflash, Holgon Flash or Fritz the Blitz.

Wide-Eyed: Expand your views with the Lomo LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens. This attachment allows you to take perfectly rectangular shots with a super-wide 20mm perspective. A viewfinder is also included in the package.

Instant Gratification: You don't have to wait for your films to be processed to see your Lomo LC-A+ shots. Simply attach the Lomo LC-A Instant Back+ to your camera and watch your photos develop right before your eyes.

Slice and Dice: Add a unique dimension to your Lomo LC-A+ shots with the Splitzer! This simple accessory allows you to divide your photo in halves, quarters or even eighths!

Get Schooled: The LC-A Big Book traces the 25-year history of this beloved camera. With 664 pages overflowing with more than 3,000 images, this book captures both the story behind the camera and the scenes that have unfolded in front of its lenses.

Small but Stylish: The LC-A+ Keychain is a miniature version of the compact camera we know and love. No matter how you choose to use this versatile accessory, this keychain will make your analogue style stand out.

Wallet-Sized Photos: Load your Instant Backs with Fuji Instax Film and snap away!

Display Your Work: Don't let your photos collect dust in your drawers. With the Fotoclips, it's super easy to show off your shots for the whole world to see!

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