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LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

The LC-A+ Deluxe Kit takes you one step closer to the shots you've always dreamed of taking - pick your flash and accessory of choice!

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LC-A+ Deluxe Kit

Creative Freedom: The LC-A+ Deluxe Kit takes you one step closer to the shots you've always dreamed of taking! Choose your own Lomo LC-A+ and a flash, and match this combo up the LC-A Splitzer and Wide-angle Lens. Your imagination is your only limit with this bundle.

Compact Classic: The Lomo LC-A+ is loved by many because it delivers some of the most breathtaking shots on 35mm film. Equipped with a Minitar 1 lens, it delivers stunning colors, contrast, saturation and vignettes. Other features include an extended ISO range and multiple exposure capabilities. Whether you choose the classic Lomo LC-A+ or any of its limited edition incarnations, this handy camera deserves a place in your analogue collection.

Make It Glow: Attach a flash to your favorite camera and expect perfectly illuminated shots. Explore different effects with the Colorsplash Flash, Diana F+ Flash, Ringflash, Holgon Flash or Fritz the Blitz.

Wide-Eyed: Expand your views with the Lomo LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens. This attachment allows you to take perfectly rectangular shots with a super-wide 20mm perspective. A viewfinder is also included in the package.

Slice and Dice: Add a unique dimension to your Lomo LC-A+ shots with the Splitzer! This simple accessory allows you to divide your photo in halves, quarters or even eighths!

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