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La Sardina Long Exposures Bundle

La Sardina Long Exposures Bundle

Give nighttime or low-light shooting a try with the La Sardina Long exposures bundle!

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La Sardina Long Exposures Bundle


Night Owl: Can you do long exposures with the La Sardina? Hell yes! Take advantage and experiment with the La Sardina’s bulb setting with this bundle. With a tripod, cable release and a wide-angle camera on hand, you will never run out of lomographic possibilities.

Wild for Wide: Ready to be led into the world of wide-angle analogue photography? The La Sardina boasts a mind-blowing wide-angle lens, simple focus settings and a MX switch. With Fritz the Blitz in the mix you'll surely have a wonderful time shooting with this lovely combo.

Shake-Free Shots: Get your own tripod and start shooting effortless long exposures without a blur!

Flawless Long Exposures: Use any of our cable releases and capture nighttime or low-light scenes with perfect precision.

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