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KONO! Donau 6 ISO 35mm CN film 3-pack

KONO! Donau 6 ISO 35mm CN film 3-pack

Create long exposure masterpieces and retro-tungsten daylight photos when you try this limited-edition, ultra-slow ISO film exclusively available from Lomography.

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Are you looking for a film to give your long exposures a truly unique look with outstanding colors? Lomography and KONO! have teamed up to create an unconventional new film that’s perfect for experimental photography under all lighting conditions. With an ultra-low ISO of 6, Donau allows you to capture long exposures of up to several minutes at day and at night—it’s a light painter’s dream! When used for daytime photography, colors are rendered with a retro-tungsten look.

This limited edition, hand-rolled film is available in extremely limited quantities and only available through Lomography. Because Donau is made out of material used in post-production that isn’t typically used in cameras, it gives your photos a strikingly distinct look—grab your roll today and see the results for yourself!

Additional Information

SKU f636donau
Brand KONO!
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 3-6
Exposures 24
Pack Size 3
Categories Films, 35mm Film , 35mm Color Negative, Color Negative Film, 35mm Color Negative, Film and Development, Perfect Presents, Festive Film Deal