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Kodak T-Max 400/120 BW single roll

Kodak T-Max 400/120 BW single roll

Get this beautifully sharp and smooth black & white film for your favorite medium format camera.

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Kodak T-Max 400/120 BW single roll

What’s not to love about the Kodak T-Max 400 120 Film? This black & white emulsion is world-renowned as the sharpest and smoothest black & white film, and on top of that it is a high-speed champion. Imagine enlarging your portraits, landscape shots and artistic masterpieces—this film guarantees impeccable results in a multitude of lighting conditions and subjects in motion. No wonder that it’s a professional’s favorite!


  • Panchromatic Black & White Film
  • Single Roll
  • 12 Exposures
  • ISO 400

Additional Information

SKU f4365max
Brand Kodak
Development Black and White Negative Processing
Film Type B&W
ISO 400
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 120 Film, 120 Black & White, Black & White Film, 120 Black & White, Film and Development, The Dreamy World of the Diana Camera