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Kiev 4M Refurbished

Kiev 4M Refurbished

Take the legendary Kiev 4M for a spin and capture dead-sharp images.


Manufactured in the city that shares its name, the Kiev 4M is a handsome, legendary deadstock rangefinder camera which produces dead-sharp images thanks to its Jupiter 8 lens.

Additional Information

SKU hkiev4m
Cable Release Connection No
Battery Type No
Available Apertures
Shutter Speeds 1, 1/125, 1/15, 1/2, 1/250, 1/30, 1/4, 1/500, 1/60, 1/8
Focal Length
Film advance No
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing No
Focusing Distance 0.9m - Infinity
Frame Counter No
Material Steel
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter Yes
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder
Categories Cameras, 35mm Cameras, Cameras