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HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera

HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera

Made of lightweight yet heavy-duty ABS plastic, this large format camera is a great contender when it comes to delivering quality pinhole shots.

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HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera
HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera
The HARMAN TiTAN Pinhole Camera is a robust large format shooter, made from injection-moulded ABS plastic and finished with a non-slip coating. All fittings are made from stainless steel, making this camera exceptionally durable and able to withstand extreme outdoor shooting conditions.

The camera can be used with any photographic film or paper and takes a 4 x 5 film holder. It also features 2 tripod mounts, built-in spirit levels, and accessory mount.

This kit comes with a 72mm wide-angle cone which is interchangeable. Separate cones of 110 and 150mm are already available in some parts of the world.

This camera has been designed in conjunction with and manufactured in the UK by Walker Cameras, who are well-known for their range of large format film cameras.

Additional Information

SKU pc45ilf
Cable Release Connection No
Battery Type No
Available Apertures Pinhole
Shutter Speeds Manual - Bulb
Focal Length Pinhole
Film advance No
Flash connection None
Focusing Fixed Focus
Focusing Distance
Frame Counter None
Material Plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder No