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Color Negative 800 ISO 35mm 3 Pack

Color Negative 800 ISO 35mm 3 Pack

400 ISO still not fast enough? Use Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm film for fantastic results under all lighting conditions.

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Quick shutters, small apertures, fast subjects and low lights call for a fast film but the last thing you want is to sacrifice your Lomographic colors and effects for a little extra speed. To all of you plastic and multi-lensers, dusk-til-dawners and hi-speed Lomographers—we've got you covered with Lomography Color Negative 800 35mm film! It guarantees amazing results even in low-lighting situations.

Technical Specification

  • For use with 35mm cameras
  • ISO 800
  • Color negative film

Additional Information

SKU f836c3
Brand Lomography
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 800
Exposures 36
Pack Size 3
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