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Adox CMS 20 II 120, 6 films plus Developer

Adox CMS 20 II 120, 6 films plus Developer

A kit with 6 films and a developer for massive sharpness and finer grains!


Kit contains 6 Adox CMS 20 films in 120 format and 1 Adotech developer, a great combination to each other to produce the sharper and grainer images

Adox CMS 20
120 format and considered as the most fine grained, the sharpest, highest resolving image system in the whole world.

Adotech Developer
100ml of concentrate
Bottles can develop 6 films
The glass bottle developer dilutes 1+29 and the new version dilutes 1+15.

The manufacturer does not recommend these films with other developers. Since these two items are the most ideal and best combination to each other.
The film and the developer combination has brought to perfection in many years of research.

Additional Information

SKU f4120adox6
Brand Adox
Development Black and White Negative Processing
Film Type B&W
ISO 20
Exposures 36
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 120 Film, Film Bundles, Film and Development, The Dreamy World of the Diana Camera