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Fujifilm Astia 100F 120 Expired

Fujifilm Astia 100F 120 Expired

Fuji Astia 100F 120 is a medium format slide film loved by Lomographer's for its smooth colors, low contrast, razor-point grain.

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Fuji Astia 100F 120 delivers muted, smooth colours with low contrast, beautiful skin tones and razor-point grain. This ISO 100 medium format film is a great choice if youre looking for that 'quiet' feel in your photos. This film is expired but will give you the same great results!

Additional Information

SKU f1365astexp
Brand Fuji
Film Type Positive
ISO 100
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 120 Film, 120 Color Slide, Color Slide Film, 120 Color Slide, Film and Development