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120 Color Negative

For brilliant colors and wide exposure latitude, 120 Color Negative film is the way to go. Get great tones even when photos are a little over- or under-exposed. Complete the range with Color Negative films in almost all ISO settings.

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Lomography Color Negative 100 120 Film 3 pack

A 120 camera and Lomography's Color Negative 100 are all you need on a bright sunny day to capture unforgettable moments.

Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO 120 Film 3 Pack

400 ISO still not fast enough? The Lomography Color Negative 800 120 film will bring you fantastic results at all lighting conditions.

Lomography Redscale XR 50200 120 Film 3 pack

Choose this film to bathe your photos in warm shades of red and orange. Lomography Redscale XR 50-200’s extended range allows flexibility and unlimited possibilities.

Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 120 Film 3 Pack

Capture sharp photos bursting with bold colors with Lomography Color Negative 400. This 120 film works well even in low-light!

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