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Kodak Portra ISO160 120 Single Roll

Kodak Portra ISO160 120 Single Roll

A medium format film that gives your shots exceptional sharpness, fine grain and great skin tones.

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Exceptional Image Quality: Kodak Portra can bring out the best in your shots with brilliant saturation, contrast and fine grain in every colour of your image.
Sharpness in Every Shot: Get crystal clear photos with a super sharp focus.
Striking Skin Tones: With the Portra 160 120 your portraits will be more beautiful than ever thanks to its perfect skin color rendering.
Use it in Different Light Moods: This film is very reliable and can detiver great images in various lighting conditions.
Medium Format: Print your pictures on a larger scale. Medium format guarantees high resolution!

Additional Information

SKU f160portra120
Brand Kodak
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 160
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 120 Film, 120 Color Negative, Color Negative Film, 120 Color Negative, Bazaar, Film and Development, The Dreamy World of the Diana Camera