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Kodak 500T Super8 15m

Kodak 500T Super8 15m

Capture dramatic tungsten scenes with this color negative motion picture film, which boasts smooth grain and crystal-clarity.

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Kodak 500T Super8 15m
Kodak 500T Super8 15m
This medium-speed tungsten film has a wide exposure latitude and remarkable highlight control that works great in various lighting conditions. Shoot confidently whether it’s in high-contrast outdoors or in mixed lighting indoor situations. Its high archival stability makes it well-suited to digital post-production processing.

Additional Information

SKU f500t15
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO attribute_value_320-500
Perforation N/A
Exposures Mixed
Pack Size 1
Categories Black Friday Deals 2017, Film and Development, 8mm Film, Lomography Deals