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Washi "W" 25/135 B&W Ortho Film

Washi "W" 25/135 B&W Ortho Film

Get full-on texture with Film Washi.

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Washi "W" 25/135 B&W Ortho Film
Washi "W" 25/135 B&W Ortho Film

Whoever quipped “Film is dead” was oh so wrong. Let us introduce to you the Washi W 25 35mm film. This specially designed and carefully made film is made of photo sensitive washi paper. Its ISO 25 rating allows you to capture remarkable black and white images with outstanding texture and grain. Washi film is made, hand coated, and finished all by hand. Truly a love letter to film photography, the Washi W 25 film is here for your analogue musings.


All Washi W 25 35mm film are made, hand-coated, and finished by hand on traditional Kozo paper. Every roll is carefully created to give you the best that this special film has to offer.
Great for urban, portrait, and still life photography
The Washi W 25 35mm film highly sensitive to blues, less sensitive to greens and blocks out red light to help you capture different stunning shots.
High contrast
Works best with plenty of light and creates gorgeous prints after processing.
High texture
The special Kozo paper produces prints with unbelievable texture.
Unique film
From its material to the way it shoots, the Washi W 25 35mm is a great film if you’re going for an all-new shooting experience.
Easy-to-use 35mm format
Just load up the way you would a regular 35mm film. The Washi W 25 comes in a secure canister for easy loading and rewinding.

Additional Information

SKU f2516w
Film Format 35 mm
Film Type B&W
ISO 25
Development Black and White Negative Processing
Exposures 16
Pack Size 1