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Agfa CT Precisa 35mm

Agfa CT Precisa 35mm

The Agfa CT Precisa is a 35mm color slide film that's famous for its deep blue skies and amazing x-pro capabilities!

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Deep blue skies and amazing x-pro capabilities - this is why Agfa CT Precisa 100 is one of the all-time classics! This 35mm slide film produces delightfully vibrant colors without being too overpowering and casts beautiful blue tones to your image. Discover why its a Lomographer's favorite.

Additional Information

SKU f1366agfa
Brand Agfa
Development Cross Processing Slide Film
Film Type Positive
ISO 100
Exposures 36
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 35mm Film , 35mm Color Slide, Color Slide Film, 35mm Color Slide, Film and Development, Little Treats, Festive Film Deal