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16mm Film

As seen in movies such as Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom and television shows like The Walking Dead, 16mm film is making a great resurgence amongst filmmakers.Join in the movement and bring your 16mm camera back to live!

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FOMAPAN R 100 16MM 30.5M

A panchromatic 16mm film that promises excellent quality, the Fomapan R 100 16mm yields fine grain and high resolving power.

Regular Price: US$37.00

Special Price US$29.60

Kodak TRI-X 16MM X 30.5M Film

With this black and white 16mm film, you can shoot beautiful movies in various lighting conditions, from sunrise to sunset.

Regular Price: US$54.00

Special Price US$43.20

Kodak 50D 16mm x 30.5m

Shoot your 16mm movie with a 50’ roll of this fine, low-speed color negative film. Its high archival stability makes it well-suited to digital post-production processing.

Regular Price: US$52.90

Special Price US$42.32

Kodak 250D 16mm x 30.5m

Shoot 16mm silent film in rich, beautiful colors and smooth grain. With its Kodak VISION3 Film technology, this film guarantees superior performance in various exposures.

Regular Price: US$52.90

Special Price US$42.32

Kodak 500T 16mm x 30.5m

Capture dramatic tungsten scenes with this color negative motion picture film, which boasts smooth grain and crystal-clarity.

Regular Price: US$52.90

Special Price US$42.32

Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film

The Lomography X-Pro 16mm Motion Film boasts fine grain and sharp imagery, even in the smallest details. Available in very limited quantities!

Lomochrome Purple 16mm Film

Shoot your experimental 16mm movies with a lovely vintage look. This film delivers a nice color shift, ranging from soft purples to rich emerald greens.

FOMAPAN R 100 DS8 /30,5 M

Intended to be used for all Double-Super-8mm cine-film cameras with film reels (which does not include Super 8 cameras), this 100 ASA panchromatic film produces high contrast and contour sharpness.

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