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Fujifilm Pro 160S 120 Expired

Fujifilm Pro 160S 120 Expired

The Fuji Pro 160S is a great choice for natural light, medium format portraits. It yields smooth grain and faithful colors, even when expired!

Fujifilm Pro 160S 120 Expired
What can you benefit from the Fuji Pro 160S 120? Well, its a pro-quality Color Negative film that has the creamy-smooth fine grain of a film that's much slower say an ISO 25 or 50. Of course, the colors, contrast, and dynamic range are fantastic. This film is expired but should give you the same great results!

Additional Information

SKU f161sexp
Brand Fujifilm
Development C41 Color Negative Processing
Film Type Negative
ISO 160
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1
Categories Films, 120 Film, 120 Color Negative, Color Negative Film, 120 Color Negative, Expired Film, Film and Development