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Film Types

Color Negative

Color negative film is the most common film you'll find on the market. It's straight-up, straight-forward film that is processed by your lab (or yourself!) in C-41 chemicals. This is the stuff you can get in your local pharmacy and have ready in just an hour – it's fast and fun, great for those gotta-get-it-quick moments.

Slide Film

Slide film (also known as Positive or Reversal film) is basically an alternative type of film to color negative. If you want your shots to be bright, vivid and dripping with in-your-face color, give slide film a whirl! It's processed in different chemicals than Color Negative in a process called E6. However, it can still be developed in the C41 Color Negative chemicals for some truly surprising effects. This is known as X-Pro or Cross Processing and produces unpredictable, wild color shifts (which is exactly why it's so popular with Lomographers).

Black & White

Fancy giving your shot that super vintage, classic look? Then why not go for black and white film! Black and White is also a great choice for playing with different contrasts and light conditions. As it is usually developed in different chemicals to color films, it's a good idea to check with your friendly lab technician first!


The redscale technique was one whereby crazy photographers would reload their film backwards and shoot through the semi-transparent layer on the back. Normally, this would have been done by winding the film upside-down into an empty film canister. The result was often gorgeous splashes of fiery reds, oranges and yellows! Channelling this creative spirit, we have now released a range of different redscale films with the film already loaded backwards. All you have to do is shoot and start getting creative!

LomoChrome Family

Are you ready for a knock-your-socks-off rollercoaster ride into a world of enchanting delight? Let us introduce you to the LomoChrome Film Family! Available as a regular color negative film in both 120 and 35mm, LomoChrome is your key to unlocking a side of photography you've only dreamed of. No special filters or weird developing techniques here – just use the classic C-41 to develop! Ordinary colors shift to deep emerald and gold with LomoChrome Turquoise and ethereal violets and blues with LomoChrome Purple. The door is open - all you have to do is walk through it!