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Film Formats

Instant Film

Not a fan of the anticipation game? Your ticket to instant gratification, Instant film is the little magic maker that develops just seconds after you snap the shutter. Available in both Mini and Wide formats, Lomography has everything you need to satisfy your instant tooth. For a full on instant experience, snap up a Lomo'Instant, a Lomo'Instant Wide, or one of our Instant Backs for a classic like the L-CA+ or Diana F+.

35mm Film

Probably the most popular type of film out there, 35mm film can be used in a wide variety of cameras, from the legendary Lomo LC-A+ to the Spinner 360° and the Sprocket Rocket. It comes in small canisters and has small perforations along the edge of the film, known as "sprocket holes". As it's the most popular film format available, you can still pick it up almost everywhere. It's relatively simple to get developed at photo labs and even some drug stores and supermarkets. In addition to a whole range of Lomography 35mm films, we also have a sweet selection of Revolog, Kodak, Ilford and others for you to choose from!

120 Film

One of the heavyweights of the film world, 120 film is a medium-format film. It's a very large type of film, allowing it to offer a high level of quality and detail. Love square photos? Then 120 film in a camera like the LC-A 120, Diana F+ or Lubitel 166+ is perfect for you. If you're a fan of breathtaking detail, a roll of 120 film and the Belair X 6-12 is your ticket to medium format paradise.

110 Film

Who says size matters? 110 film, also known as pocket film, is a tiny film format that allows you to discover entirely new perspectives. Having previously gone extinct, it enjoyed a glorious rebirth in 2012 when Lomography launched an entire new range of exciting 110 films along with a new family of 110 cameras. It comes in small cartridges and doesn't have to be rewound when the film is finished.

16mm Film

Are you looking to give your analogue movies a gritty, vintage yet totally colorful look? Then 16mm film is what you need! As recently used in films like Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom, Todd Hayne’s Carol and Alex Ross Perry’s Queen of Earth, 16mm film is seeing a great resurgence amongst filmmakers and Lomography can now proudly offer its own version, the Lomochrome Purple 16mm Motion Picture Film. While it can get a bit trickier to find a Lab that processes motion picture film, there are still a few of them out there that offer just the perfect service for your analog experiments!