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Diana SLR Lens Adaptor—Canon Mount

Diana SLR Lens Adaptor—Canon Mount

Adapt your Canon EOS SLR camera to the Diana F+ aesthetic with this lens adaptor!

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Diana SLR Lens Adaptor—Canon Mount


The Diana F+ SLR Adaptor Canon Mount is compatible with the Canon EOS Series SLRs and all Diana F+ Lenses. Now what does this do? It brings the world of Diana to your SLR cameras, yielding creative possibilities that were once limited to Diana F+ cameras. Just attach and twist the SLR adaptor to your Canon EOS mounts, and you're ready to use your chosen Diana F+ accessory. Sweeping wide-angles and crazy Fisheye techniques? Bring it on!

Please read the guidelines for shooting with different types of (D)SLRs.

Ce Diana F+ SLR Adaptor Canon Mount est compatible avec tous les reflex Canon EOS et toutes les optiques pour Diana. Cela vous permet d'exploiter les capacités des appareils Canon et vous ouvre de nombreuses perspectives. Fixez simplement cet accessoire à l'appareil et shootez avec l'optique Diana F+ de votre choix !

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