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Medium Format Cameras

Delivering gorgeous photos, the Lomography range of medium format cameras offer a return to 120 format film (some cameras can also be adapted for 35mm photography too!). Used widely in the fine art photography world, medium format is now accessible for everyone!

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DigitaLIZA 120 Scanning Mask

Purchase a DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask and get 15% off Lomography film!
With the DigitaLIZA Scanning Mask, you're in full control of scanning special Lomographic formats!

Lomo LC-A 120 Camera

The LC-A 120 is a compact medium format film camera, expanding the classic LC-A style to the popular 6x6 format. Featuring zone-focus and auto exposure.

Diana F+ Camera and Flash (Cortina Edition)

Snap your happy memories with the medium format Diana F+ Cortina—our special winter edition camera, available in limited units only!

Diana F+ Camera and Flash (10 Years of Diana Edition)

Lomography’s leading lady is back with a brand new look! Shoot stunning lo-fi shots on this super creative medium-format camera.

LC-A 120 film camera (25th Anniversary Edition)

This medium-format leather-clad camera features zone-focus, auto exposure and a special, embossed anniversary message.

LomoMod No.1

Check out this lens you can fill with liquid coming with a shutter and aperture unit, and a DIY medium-format camera made from sustainable cardboard.

LomoMod No.1 Purple Film Kit

Forget red, paint the town purple with the LomoMod No.1, the ultimate DIY cardboard camera, and our trippiest film ever, the LomoChrome Purple.

Diana F+ Camera and Flash Nami Edition

Slip into tranquil Seigaiha seas and enjoy the art of medium format photography with this Japanese-inspired Diana F+ Edition.

DIY Kamera Kit

Unleash your inner artisan with this iconic DIY duo - The LomoMod No.1 and the Konstruktor F.

LomoMod No.1 B&W Cine Kit

Capture some cinematic magic with the LomoMod No.1, the ultimate DIY cardboard camera, and the gloriously greyscale Potsdam Kino film.

LomoMod Do it All 120 Kit

Get a camera, 2 rolls of films and the Digitaliza scanner for the full analog experience!

Diana F+ Camera and Flash

Fitted with a fantastic flash, this creative analogue camera will light up your world. Shoot dreamy, color drenched images on 120 film!

Diana Multi Pinhole Operator
Diana Multi Pinhole Operator

Join the multi-pinhole revolution of pinhole photography, the Diana Multi-Pinhole Operator allows you to expose up to 3 pinholes on one frame.

Regular Price: US$64.90

Special Price: US$32.45

Ultimate DIY Kit

The ultimate DIY bundle - rediscover the bare bones of photography with the LomoMod No.1, Konstruktor F and La Sardina DIY Camera. Plus, a free dress for your La Sardina!

Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter Medium Format Camera

This lightweight, foldable camera with a sleek metal body takes perfectly lit shots on 120 film. With two interchangeable lenses, it's everything you need to switch up your panoramic perspective.

Lomo Lubitel 166+ Camera

Shoot like an analogue master with this recreation of the classic Russian twin lens medium-format camera.

Diana Deluxe Kit

Grab this kit and experiment with over 200 possible accessory combinations for your Diana F+.

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