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A flat-packed, customizable medium-format cardboard camera to build from the bottom up, plus a lens you can fill with liquid alongside a shutter & aperture module for endless experimentation - let your creative spirit run wild!

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LomoMod No.1

Check out this lens you can fill with liquid coming with a shutter and aperture unit, and a DIY medium-format camera made from sustainable cardboard.

LomoMod No.1 Purple Film Kit

Forget red, paint the town purple with the LomoMod No.1, the ultimate DIY cardboard camera, and our trippiest film ever, the LomoChrome Purple.

Ultimate DIY Kit

The ultimate DIY bundle - rediscover the bare bones of photography with the LomoMod No.1, Konstruktor F and La Sardina DIY Camera. Plus, a free dress for your La Sardina!

DIY Kamera Kit

Unleash your inner artisan with this iconic DIY duo - The LomoMod No.1 and the Konstruktor F.

LomoMod No.1 B&W Cine Kit

Capture some cinematic magic with the LomoMod No.1, the ultimate DIY cardboard camera, and the gloriously greyscale Potsdam Kino film.

LomoMod Do it All 120 Kit

Get a camera, 2 rolls of films and the Digitaliza scanner for the full analog experience!

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