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Multilens Cameras

Fun, unpredictable and quick enough to shoot your every move! Lomography’s Multilens Cameras whir in sequence, capturing your action in one 35mm print! Take amazing sequential shots – whether it’s four, eight or even nine frames in one exposure.

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ActionSampler Clear

Encased in plastic, you can see right through the inner workings of the ActionSampler Clear. This 35mm camera snaps up 4 sequential images on one frame.

SuperSampler Pack Chrome

Feel futuristic as you pull the ripcord for four sequential shots.

Super Sampler Black Panther

Aim the Supersampler at your dancing friends, pull the ripcord, press the button—voilà! You have just sampled your subject in four fantastic panoramic panels.


Experiment with 8 sequential shots in one 35mm print with the Oktomat !

Pop 9 Gold

Create a mosaic of nine identical pictures on one print with a built-in flash!

SuperSampler Rubberized Black

Get the perfect grip on your rubberized SuperSampler and achieve amazing sequential images.

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