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Lomo LC-W

Explore the potential of 35mm film by taking super wide angle photos in full format, square format, or in half-frames!

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LC-Wide 35 mm Film Camera (25th Anniversary Edition)
LC-Wide 35 mm Film Camera (25th Anniversary Edition)

This compact 35mm leather-clad camera features an expansive 17mm ultra-wide lens and a special, embossed anniversary message.

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Special Price: US$389.00

Lomo LC-Wide 35 mm Film Camera

The LC-Wide is a compact 35mm camera with an expansive 17mm ultra-wide lens. With zone-focusing and auto-exposure of the LC-A, it's an automatic hit.

Lomo LC-Wide Camera Instant Bundle
Lomo LC-Wide Camera Instant Bundle

Purchase the Lomo LC-Wide Instant Bundle, and get 50% off the LC-A Instant back, and the LC-Wide Instant Kit FREE!

Lomo LC-Wide & Leather Case Bundle

Purchase the Classic LC-Wide Camera or the LC-Wide 25th Anniversary Edition with our Genuine Leather Camera Case at an Exclusive Bundle Price

Lomo LC-A+ and LC-Wide Camera Case

A handcrafted, genuine leather camera case for your LC-A+ or LC-Wide!

Lomo LC-A+ Krab Underwater Housing

Pick up the Krab Underwater Housing and start shooting brilliant LC-A+ photos up to 20m beneath the water’s surface. It's perfect for all-weather use, too.

Lomography Light Painter

When you use this handy tool, the world is your canvas and you are the artist. Try its different color modes and start light painting!

LC-A+ Instant Back

Get the LC-A+ Instant Back and transform your Lomo LC-A+ into an instant camera that works with Fuji Instax Mini film.

LC-Wide Instant Kit

Use the LC-Wide Instant Kit and transform your LC-Wide into an instant camera to get ultra-wide, super saturated crazy colorful shots in an instant.

Flash Fritz the blitz 2.0

Pick up Lomography’s most powerful flash ever and achieve well-lit photographs using its three power settings and color filters!

Lomo LC-Wide Camera and Film Bundle
Lomo LC-Wide Camera and Film Bundle

Save 15% on films when you buy an LC-Wide with this fabulous bundle!

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