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Diana Mini

The Diana Mini shoots 35mm film and produces dreamy, lo-fi shots. The camera lets you choose between half-frame and square frame shots. It also features a Bulb mode function which allows you to take long exposures and crazy light streaks!

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Diana Mini Camera and Flash

Light up your after-dark antics with the fabulous flash attached to this mini 35mm version of our dreamy Diana F+. It's the perfect way to shine a light on your square format or half-frame pictures.

Diana Mini Camera and Flash (Love Letters Edition)

Declare your love for analog with this smaller version of the Diana F+ without losing out on the dreamy shots.

Diana Mini Camera (Monte Rosa Edition)

Capture your moments in 35mm squares or half-frames with this winter edition Diana Mini Monte Rosa!

Diana Flash Black

Add this vintage-cool flash to your Diana F+—or any camera with a hot-shoe mount. Try it on its own or with one of the included color filters.

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