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Belair Flash Bundle

Belair Flash Bundle

Never worry about low light conditions again when you attach a flash to your Belair camera! Save 20% with this kit!

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Belair Flash Bundle
Bright Lights - Light up your shots by attaching a flash to your Belair camera! You'll never have to worry about washed-out shots in low light conditions again.

Medium Format Frontier - Ushering in an exciting medium format experience is the Lomography’s Belair X 6-12 camera. This special snapper lets you create high-quality panoramas, regular and square photos, mix-and-match high quality lenses and much, much more.

Emulsion Explosion - Pair your favorite medium format camera with any of the Lomography 120 films and you'll surely be in for a wonderful surprise. Open your eyes to a world of bright colors, eye-popping contrasts and magnificent monochromes when you load these films into your camera!

A Burst of Light - Combine your camera with one of our powerful flashes and add a whole new level of snapshooting fun beyond daylight!

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