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This Book Is A Camera

This Book Is A Camera

Open a book and capture a photo with this foldable pop-up pinhole camera!

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This Book Is A Camera
This Book Is A Camera
Explore the magic of photography in its simplest form with This Book is a Camera pinhole camera. Open its pages and learn how pinhole photography works, and then put theory into practice. Make sure to follow all steps to best enjoy your pop-up photography experience.

Please note that you will need developer fluid and a suitably dark room for developing the photos and loading the film.

Package Includes

  • a working folded paper pop-up 4x5" camera
  • a lightproof bag
  • 5 sheets of light sensitive photo paper
  • development instructions and instructions on how to use the camera

  • Check out how to use the camera by watching this video:

    Additional Information

    Cable Release Connection No
    Battery Type no battery needed
    Available Apertures Pinhole
    Shutter Speeds Manual - Bulb
    Focal Length Pinhole
    Film advance No
    Flash connection None
    Focusing Focus Free
    Focusing Distance
    Frame Counter None
    Material Hardpaper
    Tripod Mount No
    Lightmeter No
    View Finder None
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