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Light Painting Tools

Start painting crazy things in mid-air with one of our fascinating Light Painting products that will help making your light painting experience even more tantalizing!

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Luxi Light Meter

Use your smartphone as a light meter and achieve the best exposure settings for your film cameras!

Regular Price: US$29.95

Special Price: US$22.46

Color Filters and Hood Set

Pick up this set of filters to project colorful highlights onto a scene while blocking out the direct light with the hood.

Regular Price: US$55.00

Special Price: US$41.25

9in Black FiberOptic

Use the Black FiberOptic Brush to create feathery, unique strands of light painting effects like no other tool can!

Regular Price: US$24.00

Special Price: US$18.00

Lomography Light Painter

When you use this handy tool, the world is your canvas and you are the artist. Try its different color modes and start light painting!

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