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Light Painting Tools

Start painting crazy things in mid-air with one of our fascinating Light Painting products that will help making your light painting experience even more tantalizing!

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Take your photography to the next level with the Pixelstick. This innovative lightpainting accessory lets you insert your own designs and images for the most creative kind of night shooting.
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Get the most versatile wireless LED flash for your iOS and Android devices - the iblazr 2 is designed to provide portable light whenever you need it.

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Iblazr LED Flash Premium
Iblazr LED Flash Premium

A flash made of durable aluminium, small and very functional 4 high-power LED flash will let you shoot in any light condition. Use it with analogue cameras or even on your smartphone!

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Translucent Light Writers (Set of 6)

Use these light writers to create smooth and silky colorful effects in your long exposure photos.

Color Filters and Hood Set

Pick up this set of filters to project colorful highlights onto a scene while blocking out the direct light with the hood.

9in Black FiberOptic

Use the Black FiberOptic Brush to create feathery, unique strands of light painting effects like no other tool can!

Lomography Light Painter

When you use this handy tool, the world is your canvas and you are the artist. Try its different color modes and start light painting!

Universal Connector

Add more flare and colors to your light painting sessions with this connector that works with almost any light-emitting device!

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