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Grab this fantastic opportunity to light up your photos. Choose from an extensive selection of flashes from compact to powerful flashes, available right at your command. Add some atmospheric zing with color gels and filters for a truly analogue flash-a-thon!

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Get the most versatile wireless LED flash for your iOS and Android devices - the iblazr 2 is designed to provide portable light whenever you need it.

Regular Price: US$59.99

Special Price: US$35.99

Lomography Ringflash

Achieve the perfect results, surround your lens with a burst of perfectly-even light with the Ringflash!

Regular Price: US$75.00

Special Price: US$37.50

Fritz the blitz 2.0

Pick up Lomography’s most powerful flash ever and achieve well-lit photographs using its three power settings and color filters!

Fritz the Blitz Accessory Kit 2.0

Want to use Lomography’s most powerful flash to illuminate your 110 shots? This kit comes with everything you need to use the original Fritz the Blitz with our baby snappers and other vintage cameras!

Flash Cable Fritz the Blitz to Hot-shoe

This cable allows you to use the Fritz the Blitz with every camera with hotshoe anytime and anywhere!

Diana Flash Black

Add this vintage-cool flash to your Diana F+—or any camera with a hot-shoe mount. Try it on its own or with one of the included color filters.

Diana Flash Metallic Blue

The Diana F+ Flash Metallic Blue not only looks cool, it also pops a beam of colored light. Color filters for you to play with are included!

Iblazr LED Flash Premium
Iblazr LED Flash Premium

A flash made of durable aluminium, small and very functional 4 high-power LED flash will let you shoot in any light condition. Use it with analogue cameras or even on your smartphone!

Regular Price: US$69.99

Special Price: US$41.99

PC Flash Adaptor

The PC Flash Adaptor allows you to connect any standard hot shoe flash to your camera's PC connection.

DV60A Video DSLR LED Light

This versatile LED provides a bright, continuous 5600k light and is mountable on a wide range of cameras

Regular Price: US$89.95

Special Price: US$49.99

Colorsplash Flash Chakras Edition

Make your photos extra-colorful! The Colorsplash Flash Chakra Edition pops a beam of colored light to your photos, day and night.

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