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Diana Accessory Kit

Diana Accessory Kit

Get ready for dreamy experimentation with the Diana Accessory Kit. This package contains all the Diana accessories in one box!

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Enhance your classy Diana abilities with these accessories! Grab the best accessories at low-cost with this package and start develop your analogue photography skills.

The kit contains the following items:

  • Diana+ 35mm Back - a unique accessory allows you to shoot all types of 35mm film with your Diana+ & Diana F+ cameras!
  • Diana+ 110mm Soft Telephoto Lens - get closer to your subject with this lens!
  • Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens - take in half of the world around you and compact it into a tight, circular 180-degree image.
  • Diana+ 55mm Wide Angle and Close-Up Lens Set - Get ready to get wide and up-close with this special set of lenses specially made for your Diana!
  • Diana+ 38mm Super Wide Angle Lens, this classic super-wide perspective is a favorite of street photographers and photojournalists all over the world.
  • Diana+ Splitzer - this amazing accessory lets you dictate exactly what appears on your by allowing you to slice and dice into halves and quarters.
  • Diana+ Collar and Cable Release - This special Cable Release Adaptor will keep your camera steady for nighttime and long-exposure images.
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