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Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit

Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit

Create images in deep blue shades using this pinhole type camera

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Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit
Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit
Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit
Stenoflex Cyanotype Kit
What is Stenoflex?
Stenoflex is a french brand that carefully selects and crafts beautiful analogue experimental products for you to have fun with!

Cyanotype kit is a printing kit that works with principals of contact prints. You have your plain white sheets and chemicals. Once you soak the sheets in the chemicals, they become sensitive to light and that's when you can put your black and white negative or any object that sparks your creativity on top of it. Blue shades takes effect when sunlight strikes on the sheet and rinsing it with water gives you the beautiful cyanotype prints!

Stenoflex Cyanotype kit allows you to create beautiful deep blue pinhole photographs.

1 vile of potassium ferricyanide
1 bottle of ammonium citrate iron
10 sheets of watercolor paper
2 dosing pipettes
1 instruction manual

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