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LomoLAB Development Service

Having a hard time looking for a Film Lab? The LomoLab offers development, scanning and printing of all 35mm, 110 and 120 films. Whatever kind of film development you're after, you'll find it here! Now, you can confidently shoot from the hip without having to worry where to develop those film rolls!

This section is exclusively for LomoLab Services in USA and Canada.

Got questions about the LomoLab? Check out our LomoLab FAQ.

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LomoKino Package

Develop and transfer your Lomokino movie into a Digital Version.

Panoramic & Sprocket Development

Develop, scan and print your Panoramic Pictures with our lab experts.

Spinner 360 and Belair X 6-12 Development

Develop, scan and print your Super Panoramic Pictures shot with your Spinner 360º or any other film camera.

Standard Development

Leave your 35mm, 110mm or medium format in our expert hands for development, scans and prints.

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