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  • Holga 120 Fisheye Viewfinder

    Holga 120 Fisheye Viewfinder

    See the fisheye effect with this viewfinder! Get the accurate shot for your fisheye images!

    US$9.90 US$4.95
  • Holga 135 Pinhole

    Holga 135 Pinhole

    Take pinhole to another level with the world-famous plastic Holga camera - now in an amazing 35mm pinhole format.

    US$49.00 US$36.75
  • Light Leaks Magazine: Issue 6 Me

    Light Leaks Magazine: Issue 6 Me

    Get your hands on issue 6 of Light Leaks Magazine!

    US$14.99 US$3.75
  • Spinner 360° Leather Edition

    Spinner 360° Leather Edition

    Take a spin with this stunning leather edition of the incredible 360 degree panoramic 35mm camera.

    US$149.00 US$104.30
  • P-Sharan STD Pinhole

    P-Sharan STD Pinhole

    Get all of the materials you need to create your own pinhole camera and achieve the dreamy scenes you have always wanted !

    US$30.00 US$18.00
  • Holga Soft Sorround Filter set

    Holga Soft Sorround Filter set

    Holga Soft Sorround Filter Set gives your Holga images a stunning vignetting style in your every artsy shots, portraiture or even documentary shots.

    US$9.90 US$4.95
  • Holga CFN 120 Green

    Holga CFN 120 Green

    Score the beloved Holga in green with all the features we have come to love of the Holga and an added color wheel flash to boot!

    US$79.00 US$59.25
  • Holga 135 Fisheye Lens

    Holga 135 Fisheye Lens

    Give your Holga 135 a Fisheye perspective with the Fisheye Lens. It easily snaps onto the front of your Holga lens barrel for a 170° view!

    US$27.99 US$14.00
  • La Sardina Camera and Flash Copernicus

    La Sardina Camera and Flash Copernicus

    Feel the power of the stars as you shoot with this 35mm wide angle La Sardina.

    US$109.00 US$92.65

    Out of stock

  • Holga Single Frame

    Holga Single Frame

    The Holga Single Frame will perfectly highlight your Holga shots in its minimalist wood and glass design.

    US$11.90 US$5.95

    Out of stock

  • Holga Jack Edition

    Holga Jack Edition

    Take soft-focused shots and pulsating vignettes on 120 film designed in collaboration with Jack White from the White Stripes.

    US$180.00 US$135.00

    Out of stock

  • Jpg Magazine Issue 13 Gravity Powered

    Jpg Magazine Issue 13 Gravity Powered

    Issue 13 of JPG, the magazine for people who love image-making without attitude.

    US$5.99 US$1.80

    Out of stock

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