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  • Diana F+ Mr. Pink

    Diana F+ Mr. Pink

    Take seductive, soft-focused shots and pulsating vignettes on 120 film with this pink wrapped Diana F+.

    US$99.00 US$84.15
  • La Sardina Camera St. Tropez Saracena

    La Sardina Camera St. Tropez Saracena

    Wide angle in wild colors—that’s what you’ll get when you shoot with this La Sardina edition.

    US$75.00 US$56.25
  • La Sardina Camera St. Tropez Glaye

    La Sardina Camera St. Tropez Glaye

    Capture wide angle shots and make wild multiple exposures with this special edition 35mm La Sardina.

    US$75.00 US$63.75
  • Fisheye No.2 Copper

    Fisheye No.2 Copper

    Dive into the glamour of 170 degrees fisheye Photos with the Fisheye No. 2 Copper!

    US$79.00 US$55.30
  • Fisheye Submarine

    Fisheye Submarine

    Dive up to 20m (65feet) underwater with your Fisheye in its own submarine!

    US$69.00 US$34.50
  • LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

    LC-A+ Wide-Angle Lens

    Take your 35mm shots to another level with this super-wide clip-on lens for the Lomo LC-A+ camera.

    US$149.00 US$126.65
  • ChapBook Set 4

    ChapBook Set 4

    The Chapbook is a colourful and fun way to preserve your snapshots! Catalogue your own Lomographic adventures with this stylish scrapbook!

    US$11.00 US$2.75
  • Spinner 360° Leather Edition

    Spinner 360° Leather Edition

    Take a spin with this stunning leather edition of the incredible 360 degree panoramic 35mm camera.

    US$149.00 US$89.40
  • Freundschaftskarte Square 2

    Freundschaftskarte Square 2

    Sharing the LomoLove with your friends has never been so easy! This beautiful Freundschaftskarte will make them wish they were right next to you but also very proud recipients of an analogue souvenir.

    US$7.00 US$1.75
  • LomoKino


    Shoot a movie of 144 frames on any 35mm film with Lomography's first analogue movie maker.

    US$79.00 US$51.35
  • Vienna Lomo Notebook

    Vienna Lomo Notebook

    Sketch, doodle, scribble, and keep yourself organised, Vienna style thanks to the handsome Vienna Lomo Notebook.

    US$9.00 US$2.25
  • Fisheye One Dark Blue

    Fisheye One Dark Blue

    Get your snap on with this classy version of our Fisheye One wrapped in dark blue.

    US$55.00 US$35.75
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