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  • LomoKino & LomoKinoscope Package

    LomoKino & LomoKinoscope Package

    Enjoy a truly analogue moviemaking experience with Lomography's 35mm movie camera and an accompanying accessory to watch your films with.

    US$89.00 US$66.75
  • 'Rumble in the Pond' - Fisheye Book

    'Rumble in the Pond' - Fisheye Book

    The Fisheye book Rumble in the pond is made up of 368 color-bursting pages of 170-degree Fisheye madness. Can you resist it?

    US$29.00 US$21.75
  • LOMO LC-A Book

    LOMO LC-A Book

    The LOMO LC-A Book is stuffed cover to cover with 1,000 awesome Lomographs. It tells you everything you could wish to know about the most legendary Lomographic camera!

    US$25.00 US$18.75
  • La Sardina Book

    La Sardina Book

    Make sure your sea legs are prepared, land lubbers, because you’ll see an in-depth look at the La Sardina, and what a beauty it is with the La Sardina Book!

    US$9.00 US$6.75
  • LC-Wide Book

    LC-Wide Book

    Learn more about your favorite wide-angle camera with the LC-Wide Book and get ready to have your socks knocked off by the captivating collection of Lomographs inside.

    US$29.00 US$21.75
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