Holga 135 Camera single

Get all you love about a Holga photograph in 35 mm with this plastic wonder.

The traditional Holga aesthetic packed in a 35mm body! Staying true to the classic cult Holga status, its images seep crazy color and contrast to tickle your senses. Like the original medium-format Holga, the Holga 135 has got an all-plastic lens for legendary status.

  • Different Format, Same Features: Compact and more portable, the Holga 135 possesses all the features of the classic Holga 120CFN but shoots using the convenient 35mm film format.
  • A Plastic Heart and Soul: The Holga Plastic 60/8 Optical Lens is a dead-simple multi-element plastic lens that makes colors radiate. Expect a bit of vignetting around the edges especially on sunny days.

  • Variable Shutter Speeds: Choose between the two available shutter speeds. The 1/125 second is perfect for daytime whilst the exotic long-exposure B setting allows you to hold the shutter open for as long as you want.

  • Four Focus: The Holga 135 lens has four focus settings: portrait, small group, big group, and infinity.

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