Sling-On Bag Nylon Blue

Lomographers love bold, bright colors as much as anyone. Fulfill that color-craving in true Lomographic style wth the Sling-On Bag in Nylon Blue.

Fun and vibrant, this Nylon Blue Sling-On Bag is the perfect carrying case for your lomographic adventures. Not only is this bag lightweight, it features compartments for organization and an additional lengthening strap for an over the shoulder look.

  • Easy Access - The Sling-On Bags open top allows quick access to all your belongings. A hanging interior pocket keeps your camera safe and right at hand for those precious Lomographic moments!
  • A Versatile Friend of The Environment - This synthetic tote is also extra-handy for a trip to the corner store, so now you can help rid the planet of plastic bags and look darn good doing it.
  • Universal Unisex Style - The Sling-On Bag's all-around good looks suit both men and women. Toss one on and you'll see what we're talking about.
    Size: 33 × 41 × 10 cm (13 × 16 × 4”)
Color blue
Sex N/A
Material synthetic leather
Size N/A