35mm Film Subscription Pack

Enjoy continuous supply of 35mm film of your choice with 35mm Film Subscription Pack

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Lomography Color Negative 100 ISO 35mm 3 Pack Subscription
Lomography Color Negative 800 ISO 35mm 3 Pack
Lomography Lady Grey B&W 400 35mm 3 Pack Subscription

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Lomography Color Negative 400 ISO 35mm 3 Pack Subscription
Lomography XPro 200 ISO 35mm 3 Pack Subscription

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Simply pick the number of each film you want to receive each month. Starting from 5 rolls you´ll score nice discounts.
The service is now a fully-fledged subscription service; we will automatically renew your subscription each month (unless you decide to unsubscribe of course) so you’ll never have to worry about running out of films again! There is no sign-up fee for the Film Subscription Service and you can easily unsubscribe from the service at any time. You will be charged for your subscription as soon as you sign-up and your credit card will be charged on the same date each month thereafter.

1. Select the number of each Film you want in your Pack

2. Add the bundle to your cart and check out the discount starting from 5 Film Packs

3. Checkout with Paypal Pro

4. Get a pack of fresh Film delivered to your doorstep each month

You can unsubscribe any time. Please go to your Account Page and select "Subscriptions" in the sidebar menu. From there you can keep an overview on your subscriptions and cancel with a simple click. You´ll not be charged for the next period and not receive and further Packs.

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ISO Mixed
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