Prophecies Packrat Bag Blue

Carry all your belongings and spread an analogue message at the same time! With this Prophecies Packrat Bag in blue, you can show the whole world how to Leave the Digital Grind Behind.

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Maybe later? No problem!

This extra-large blue Prophecy Packrat Bag gathers all your daily wares and keeps them by your side in an easy-to-access tote bag. Whether slung over your shoulder or held in your hand, this Packrat bag carries everything that gets you through the day and that something extra too. A hanging interior pocket holds your most treasured camera at a fingers reach.

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  • Extra-Large - You could probably fit all your analogue cameras and also a couple of your favorite garden gnomes in this huge blue Packrat Bag.
  • Make A Statement - This Blue Packrat Bag comes emblazoned with one of the Ten Prophecies of the Analogue Future: Leave The Digital Grind Behind. Dont ignore its advice, live life the analogue way.
  • Heavyweight Construction - Thanks to its rugged double-faced cotton canvas crafting, the Packrat is ready day and night to transport your most needed essentials.
  • Universal Unisex Style - This Packrat Bag's all-around good looks suit both men and women. Toss one on and you'll see what we're talking about.
  • Safe And Sound - This edition of the Packrat Bag comes with zipper closure to keep your stuff safe from falling out.
  • Gorgeous Details - From back to front and top to bottom, the Packrat bag is bursting with carefully planned details. Its seriously charming Lomography-emblazoned buttons and prophecy graphic will fuel your day with a touch of Lomography.
    Size: 32 x 22 x 60cm (12.5 x 8.5 x 24”)
Color blue
Sex N/A
Material cotton
Size N/A