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  • LC-A 120

    LC-A 120

    The Phoblographer Editor's Choice Award Winner "The best street photography camera: film or digital. Pretty much nothing will beat this."
    Order this five star Medium Master today and receive it straight away!

  • Lomo Temporary Tattoos

    Lomo Temporary Tattoos

    Wear lomo-love on your skin with these temporary tattoos inspired by lomo lifestyle.

  • New Petzval Lens - Brass - Canon Mount

    New Petzval Lens - Brass - Canon Mount

    Photos shot with a New Petzval lens are immediately recognizable for their super-sharp focus areas and wonderful swirly bokeh effect. The lens is readily available and ships right away.

  • Color Filter Blue 58mm

    Color Filter Blue 58mm

    Use this filter as a contrast reducer for your black and white photography.

  • Color Filter Orange 58mm

    Color Filter Orange 58mm

    Make your skin more healthy and smooth with this filter for your black and white portraits.

  • Color Filter Yellow 58mm

    Color Filter Yellow 58mm

    The most commonly used filter lens, has the most subtle effect and ideal for beginners.

  • Color Filter Green 58mm

    Color Filter Green 58mm

    Ideal for landscape photography and can make the green shades stand out in your black and white shots.

  • Color Filter Red 58mm

    Color Filter Red 58mm

    Increase the contrast and turn every blue sky into almost black in your black & white photos

  • Super Filter Set

    Super Filter Set

    Get all the Filters you need to tickle out the most of your shots and save 20%! 8 Filters with 58mm mount - perfect for your Petzval Lens!

  • Color Filter Set

    Color Filter Set

    Get all standard color filters for B/W photography in a handy set and save 15%! 5 Filters with 58mm mount - perfect for your Petzval Lens!

  • Petzval Lens Filter Set

    Petzval Lens Filter Set

    The Petzval Lens Filter Set includes three 58mm filters which can easily be screwed onto your Petzval Lens and each filter offers different features to play with. Even better, by buying the 3 filters together in the set you can save 15% compared to buying them individually!

  • Petzval Filters & Lens Wrap Set

    Petzval Filters & Lens Wrap Set

    Get all your Petzval lens essentials in one set! This Bundle includes a Mayura Lens wrap and a set of 3 Filters for your Petzval Lens!

    From: US$103.70

    To: US$168.40

  • Zkin Harpy Turquoise

    Zkin Harpy Turquoise

    Saddle your bike and take your camera for a safe ride in the ZKIN Harpy bag!

  • Zkin Kraken Black

    Zkin Kraken Black

    This camera bag can pack 1 DSLR camera,13 inch laptop and more. This bag will never let you out of style with its elegant material and style.

  • LC-A+ Instant Camera

    LC-A+ Instant Camera

    Enjoy the flexibility of LC-A+ from 35mm format to instant camera! Use any 35mm film or Fuji film Instax Mini Film in one snap!

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