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The Zenit factory was founded in 1941 and, in the more than 70 years since, it has built a formidable reputation as a hub for premium Russian optical engineering. Zenit is a big name in photography, not only in Russia but across the entire globe. Level up your SLR with one of their heavyweight, classic Lenses.

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  • Mount Adapter f/M42 to Canon EOS

    Mount Adapter f/M42 to Canon EOS

    Always wanted to achieve those breathtaking Lomography effects with your Canon EOS and SLR cameras? Now it’s possible with the Mount Adapter. Bring it on!


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  • MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 

    MC MIR – 20M 3.5/20 lens 

    Screw this solid yet compact lens on your SLR and see a true wide-angle champion in action.

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  • Helios-103 lens 1.8/53mm

    Helios-103 lens 1.8/53mm

    A successor of the Jupiter-8M, this lens delivers a clearer picture and is perfect for photographing landscapes and architecture.

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