Spice up your photography with a great selection of lenses for your camera. Shoot fisheye photos, get into portraiture with a close-up lens or shoot for the moon with a telephoto lens. The possibilities are endless with Lomography lenses!

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  • New Petzval Lens - Brass - Nikon Mount

    New Petzval Lens - Brass - Nikon Mount

    Now you can order your lens! The lens is readily available and ships right away.

  • New Russar+

    New Russar+

    The New Russar+ is a stunning brass-bodied wide-angle lens. It is a pioneering update on the 1958 Russar. Thanks to its modified lens tube construction, the new Russar+ is compatible with L39 and M mount analogue cameras, digital mirrorless cameras and loads of other cameras using adaptor mounts. Available for pre-order now! Planned Delivery September 2014

  • Petzval Special Aperture Plates

    Petzval Special Aperture Plates

    Achieve wonderful Bokehs with this Set of special aperture plates for your precious Petzval Lens.
    Due to high demand US orders made after AUG 28th will be shipped the second week of September!

  • New Russar+ Collectors Edition - No.3 - No.10

    New Russar+ Collectors Edition - No.3 - No.10

    Don´t miss this special collectors offer and pre-order the Lomography X Zenit New Russar+ with a Serial Number from 3 to 10 still today! Planned Delivery for the 2nd batch of lenses September 2014.


    Out of stock

  • Belairgon 90mm f/8 Lens

    Belairgon 90mm f/8 Lens

    This premium 90mm glass lens is a perfect match to your Belair X 6-12 .


    Out of stock

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