La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack

The La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack allows you to take dynamic, wide-angled flash-infused photos on the go!

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Partners in Crime: With the La Sardina and Flash + Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Pack, you get a super spectacular deal. Not only will you be able to get your hands on the La Sardina and Flash package you fancy, you also have the chance to use Fritz the Blitz with any other camera of your choice with the help of its special adaptor!

Wild for Wide: Ready to be led into the world of wide-angle analogue photography? The La Sardina boasts a mind-blowing wide-angle lens, simple focus settings and a MX switch. With Fritz the Blitz in the mix you'll surely have a wonderful time shooting with this lovely combo.

Fantastic Film: Get your hands on Lomography's line of 35mm films and start your snap-shooting adventures! Explore different effects with color negative, color slide, redscale and black and white. Each pack contains 3 rolls of film.

Flexi-Flash: With the Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Kit, you can enjoy the power of Lomography's strongest flash with any camera that has a tripod thread and hot-shoe adaptor.