Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole Camera

Add spices to your pinhole photography and grab this item to experience an ultimate analogue experience!

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A camera that is formed from expanded PVC, has two interlocking sections and intended for 4x5 inch film paper. Enjoy this very unconventional camera item and experience another analogue lifestyle.
This camera is packed with great features that you will surely enjoy!

Top section holds the stainless steel chemically etched 0.3mm pinhole in place. This Ilford pinhole camera is intended for the 4x5 inch film paper, with 87mm focal length enough for wide-angle shots. The pinhole feature of this camera is manipulated by a magnetic locking shutter. The front section can be adjusted its orientation suitable for right handed or left handed users. This camera is also capable for tripod mounts to execute better images.

Ilford Obscura 5x4 Pinhole Camera comes with

  • 10 sheets of 4x5 inch Ilford Delta 100 Professional Film

  • 20 sheets 4x5 inch Ilford Multigrade IV RC paper

  • Exposure Calculator that you can use even without a light meter around

  • Set of stickers, to decorate your camera

  • Instruction booklet, just in case you get lost while shooting

  • 3-tray light-tight sheet film box that you will need in storing exposed sheets

    • 4x5 inch format, this Ilford camera is designed for 4x5 inch film or paper

    • 87mm focal length gives you the ability to capture wide-angle images

    • Magnetic lock design, elegant design to fit your shooting lifestyle

    • Easy to Use, this camera is convenient to use for left or right handed users

    • Holds paper in position for black border, gives you all comforts and stability while shooting or in idle situations

    • Chemical etched 0.3mm pinhole, the camera holds a stainless steel that is etched to place pinhole in place

    • Tripod compatible, shoot as firm as you could and use tripod with this camera
    Cable Release Connection No
    Available Apertures Pinhole
    Shutter Speed Manual - Bulb; Slider
    Focal Length No
    Color black
    Film Advance No
    Flash connection No
    Focusing No
    Focusing Distance No
    Frame Counter No
    Material No
    Tripod Mount No
    Lightmeter No
    View Finder No