Holga 35mm Adaptor

Load your Holga with regular 35mm film using this ingenious adapter!

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This crazily innovative adaptor allows you to feed in regular 35mm film for your full-size 120 Holga! Not to worry, the Holga’s colours, leaks and soft-focus capabilities will be retained when you attach this two-piece set.

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  • The Holga Legacy: Lomography, the home of creative analogue photography, is proud to introduce more members of the cult Holga clan. As you know, the Holga is famous for being the plastic medium format camera that yields classic lo-fi photos with the shadowy vignettes and unpredictable light leaks.
  • Amazing Analogue Adaptor: Now here is another cool option for unlimited creative options - with this 135 Film Adaptor, you can convert your Holga 120 Camera into a 35mm snap-shooter!
  • No Red Leaks: One piece of the adaptor holds the film canister and keeps it moving straight and tight through the camera. The other one replaces your normal 120 camera back with a completely opaque one, avoiding the dreaded ‘Red Leak’ on your 35mm exposures.
Camera Family No
Color black
Material plastic