Holga 135 Black Corner Twin Lens Reflex

Combine the pleasure of twin lens reflex shooting with the convenience of 35 mm film with this plastic beauty.

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Ever wanted to experience the twin-lens reflex format in your Holga? The Holga 135 Black Corner Twin Lens Reflex Camera yields lovely lo-fi photos and light leaks and gives you the old-school, peer-from-the-top TLR shooting style! The unique Black Corner masking effect gives you heavy vignettes.

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  • Dramatic vignettes: The Black Corner effect adds shadowy vignetting to your photos
  • Totally analog feel: Features an eye level and waist level viewfinder
  • Easy multiple exposures: Uncoupled advanced and shutter release makes it easy to multi-expose
  • Uses 35mm film: Experiment with all kinds of 35mm film
Cable Release Connection No
Available Apertures fixed f8
Shutter Speed 1/80 (N), Bulb (B)
Color black
Film Advance No
Flash connection No
Focusing No
Focusing Distance No
Frame Counter No
Material plastic
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter No
View Finder Twin-lens reflex viewfinder