Holga 120 Fisheye Lens

Give your Holga 120 a Fisheye perspective with the Fisheye Lens. It easily snaps onto the front of your Holga lens barrel for a 170° view!

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Can't get enough of the fisheye effect? Fisheye fun need not cost a small fortune anymore because we have eliminated the need for adaptors and mounts! Achieve those highly-coveted fishy round shots at the fraction of a price with the Holga 120 Fisheye Lens. This sleek, compact lens neatly slots onto the front of your Holga lens barrel! Light-weight and loaded with intense amounts of fun, the new Fisheye Lens will give you weird, wonderful fishy shots at a full 170 degrees of vision. Now that's fisheye wizardry without emptying your wallet!

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  • The Holga Legacy - Lomography, the home of creative analogue photography, is proud to introduce more members of the cult Holga clan. As you know, the Holga is famous for being the plastic medium format camera that yields classic lo-fi photos with the shadowy vignettes and unpredictable light leaks.

    A Fishy Treat - Here's a treat for your Holga 120 cameras - the Holga 120 Fisheye Lens! This plastic lens allows you to go shoot extremely wide-angled pictures with a 170-degrees of distorted barrel, or “Fisheye” effect. Just snap it on your camera and shoot! Another option for unlimited creativity!
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