Fuji Klasse W

This premium point-and-shoot camera packs a top-notch Fujinon lens and a range of manual functions in its lightweight and compact body.

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The Fuji Klasse W is an analogue point-and-shoot that boasts fantastic features packed in a lightweight magnesium body. This camera offers a range of manual functions, rare for a point-and-shoot, giving you the opportunity to create images in different lighting situations. It also comes with a high-quality 28mm Super EBC Fujinon lens that delivers sharp images with natural color saturation. This camera delivers great performance in any shooting condition.

  • Analogue Gem: The Fuji Klasse W is a premium, compact, top-of-the-line, point-and-shoot camera with features that will make any film fanatic swoon.

    Portable Snapper: Owing to its small size, the Fuji Klasse W can easily be kept in your pocket or in your bag, ready for a shooting adventure every time. The camera’s body is made from magnesium, making it lightweight yet durable.

    High-Quality Lens: The Fuji Klasse W is equipped with a 28mm Super EBC Fujinon lens. Thanks to its multicoated lens, light flares are reduced and the results come out super vivid and sharp. From vast landscapes to close-ups, you can expect great performance from this camera.

    Aperture Priority Mode: This camera has an aperture priority setting that ensures perfect exposures every time. When shooting landscapes, your photos turn out crisp and clear; when shooting portraits, your subject gets all the attention, separating it from the background. When you choose this setting, both aperture and shutter speed values are displayed in the viewfinder.

    Focusing Options: This camera offers a reliable and accurate auto focus function, so you can say goodbye to blurred shots for good. At the same time, it has manual focus control using the front dial on the camera body.

    Low Light Champion: This camera’s biggest aperture value is f/2.8. It also boasts an NP (Natural Photo) mode, which makes it your ideal companion for shooting at night-time or other low light conditions even without a flash.

    Varied Flash Modes: Choose from a variety of flash modes (auto, emission stop, forced flash, red-eye reduction, night view, night view + red-eye reduction) to enhance your shots.

    Film Speed Setting: You can manually set your film speed or let the camera’s DX code reader do the work for you.

    Uses 35mm Film: This camera shoots all kinds of 35mm film, be it Color Negative, Slide, or Black and White. There are loads of choices available!

    Other Specifications:
    • Focus: AF: 0.3m ~ inf., MF mode
    • Field of view: 85%
    • Aperture: dial with Program, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11 and 16.
    • Shooting Mode: Program AE, AE Aperture Priority
    • Shutter: Electronic shutter Program (Program AE, AE aperture priority)
    • Shutter Speed: B, 1/2s to 1/500s (at F2.8) to 1/1000s (for F16)
    • Exposure Comp: with front dial ±2.0EV in 0.5EV step increments
    • Film speed: Auto DX, ISO25 ~ 3200 (in 1/3 steps) Manual Set
    • LCD: with backlight
    • Size: 123 × 63.5 × 38.5mm
    • Weight: 270g (excluding battery)
Cable Release Connection Yes
Available Apertures f2.8, f4 , f5.6 , f8 , f11 , f16
Shutter Speed Automatic - B, 1/2s to 1/500s (at F2.8) to 1/1000s (for F16)
Color black
Film Advance Automatic
Flash connection None
Focusing Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance 0.3m to infinity
Frame Counter Auto Frame Counter
Material aluminium
Tripod Mount No
Lightmeter Yes
View Finder Direct optical viewfinder