Fritz the Blitz Adaptor Kit

This adapter kit makes it possible to use the Fritz the Blitz flash with any camera equipped with a tripod thread and hotshoe adapter.

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Enjoy the fantastic effects of Fritz the Blitz with your choice of camera. With the Fritz the Blitz Adapter Kit, you can attach this powerful flash to any camera that has tripod thread and hot-shoe adapter.

  • Flash Master - Fritz the Blitz is Lomography's most powerful flash ever, originally packaged with La Sardina El Capitan and Fischers Fritze. Now you can use this ultra flexible flash with any camera with a tripod thread and hot-shoe adapter.
    Create Flashy Results - With this adapter kit, you can go wild with Fritz the Blitz's three distance settings and colour filters! Whatever camera you choose to use, you can expect wonderful results every single time.
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