Fuji Velvia 100 120 Expired

Known as being super-saturated, the Fuji Velvia 100 slide film will amp up the colors especially when cross processed!

Need an extra color punch? Fuji Velvia 100 is a slide film that delivers knockout colors, whether cross-processed or developed normally. Its known as the most saturated slide film, yielding vivid results and fine grain.
Stock available is expired, but will produce stunning results!

  • For use with medium format cameras
  • ISO 100
  • Color slide film
  • World's highest level of color fidelity
  • Vivid colors when E-6 processed
  • Super saturated colors when cross-processed C-41
  • Excellent fine grain
  • Can be pushed/pulled from -1/2 stop to +1 stop with minimal changes in color balance and gradation
Brand Fuji
Film Type Positive
ISO 100
Exposures 12
Pack Size 1